Christmas in the air {high school edition}

Teens are notoriously hard to buy for. The assumption is that a CD with a $20 bill taped to the front cuts it– or, on the other end of the spectrum, that you’ll be shelling out thousands of dollars for a new car. How about we keep that purposeful mindset and think, instead, on lasting things: relationships and memories. You don’t have to go into debt to celebrate Jesus with your teenager! (And you don’t have to buy them another gadget, either!)

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{Work in Progress Wednesday}

“Knitting is cheaper than therapy– and you get mittens.” - Anonymous

(Work in progress: A simple dishcloth of my own design in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Psychadelic. The pattern is super simple:

CO 34

Rows 1-3 K to end

all even rows thereafter K2, (K2tog, yo, K)* to last two stictches, K

all odd rows thereafter K to end

Continue until work is desired length

K last 3 rows)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple, full, or creative. Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!

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I know it’s months (years?) away, but there will be a moment when all the things that right now feel so huge and different and glaringly not normal slip into the mundane. I know this only because I have lived it multiple times now. And no matter how strange or untried the outset of a new norm, there is a point where the shocking little surprises and things we must accept but refuse to embrace shift into The Way It Is.

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What’s that you say, God?

A few weeks ago, my oldest son asked me how present I thought God was with Adam and company after the fall.

He had recently discussed the issue with another family member and while both agreed there was a definite change in the relationship, my son was quick to point out that clearly Cain still seemed pretty comfortable talking with God (despite the topic of his brother’s location) while the other held to the fact that God must’ve been a bit standoffish due to the fall.

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