What’s He saying?

This is Jack’s first post for our family blog. To learn more about Jack (or any of our other children) check out our Meet the Kids page

Missions. God’s call on every Christian. We can’t just ignore it. It is the last thing Jesus said during his stay on earth.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”” Matthew 28:19-20 NASB

That doesn’t give us a lot of room to not do it.

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Educational apps that work {Tiggly Words and Tiggly Math}

We’re not a screen-free family.The truth is, many days I wish we were. But I begrudgingly admit that it’s just not feasible– not for us, anyways. Between trying to stay in touch with my husband while he’s in various locations across the globe, to his teaching homeschooled kids from around the nation, to paring my daughter’s 75 pounds of medical textbooks down to a single, backpack-friendly volume, to utilizing all of the amazing “you are here!” options available all over the web… we do screens. That’s life in 2016.

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Brotherly love

It happens pretty much daily here. Walking by, I’ll catch a fragment of a conversation that brings my shoulders up around my ears. Because I am the Momma, I will immediately whirl and ask, “What’s up? What’s going on here?” And nine times out of ten, I will be told a sob story that centers on how he took my this, and she won’t let me do that, and it’s my turn to do it and he won’t let me!

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How to make 100% sure your child doesn’t vote for Clinton. Or Trump. Or Satan.

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Right now, your child happily tows the party family line and parrots every nasty little WikiLeak tidbit you’ve parsed around the dinner table, proving, once and for all of course, that Hillary Clinton should be in prison. Period.

Or maybe you’re überproud of your #NeverTrump kid, who has learned at your knee that who you are when no one is looking is the measure of your true character, and would rather eat bees than vote for a guy who thinks that it’s o.k. to talk about women like that, ever.

Quite possibly you’re breathing a sigh of relief that your offspring are following you in taking the moral high road and are espousing the intrinsic value of standing up and being counted among the Third/Fourth/Fifth/Twelfth Party options now coming in to the limelight.

Thank goodness they’ll always share our political views, right? I mean, isn’t that what homeschooling is all about?

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Our state requires that homeschool parents report the ranks of their student body. There are nuances within the regulations (such as registering with a school district, or electing to enroll in an umbrella school), but the effect is the same:

Your school-age kids? We want to know who they are.

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Side by side

For the first time in the life of our family, we have work. Of course, there’s always been work. Floors that need to be mopped, papers that need to be written, that dining room table that I really, really liked but couldn’t afford that we decided to build. That’s all work. No denying that.

But suddenly, we have work. Work that has a hard timeline (fence that chicken yard or you’ll lose another hen to hawks). Work that is dirty (“I think we should build an outdoor shower.” “I think that is the smartest thing you’ve ever said.”). Work that is never ending (done mowing that acre up top? Good. There’s another one right here waiting its turn.).

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