{Work in Progress Wednesdays}

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”
―Albert Einstein

(Work in progress: yet another Collande Dishcloth, this one in pakucho organic cotton, forest mist colorway.)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple, full,  or creative. Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “{Work in Progress Wednesdays}

  1. I am 2/3rds done with this cabled vest for Henry’s Easter vest. I have to keep knitting before I forget where I am on the chart. I love that yarn. Em just told me we need new dishcloths because ours are ratty. I told her to make some.

  2. I’m working on a scarf for Mark. I have about two more feet to go. I also have fabric for dresses for Elisabeth that I really need to cut out and begin sewing.

  3. It’s been a run around day for me. Finally have the chance to make the blog rounds.

    I’ve made good progress on my cable sweater–almost done with the sleeves, then I’ll block all the pieces before assembling the sweater and finishing the button band and collar. Maybe I’ll finish it this year!

    I have a picture ready to post, just can’t figure out how to post it. (My phone won’t let me paste it.)

  4. Heather….I approve of your dishrag project. As soon as I finish my sweater, I’ll be starting some new dishrags as well–some for my nephew’s fiancé’s bridal shower, and some to replace our ratty ones at home. Always glad for a quick project. :)

  5. Hi Heather ~ Thank you for stopping by my place. It’s lovely to *re-meet* you via your new blog with your real names! Dear me…when you left that comment at my place, I knew it was you…I smiled and said *Mary Grace*….which, it turns out was the online you. :) Your new space here on the web is lovely. The photo for this post is great. I like homemade dishcloths…they are the best! Many Blessings to you, Camille

  6. When my oldest son turned 12 I took on the responsibility of homeschooling him myself. I would bring him to work with me and he would do his math and reading in my office then work in the printing plant in our family business in the afternoon.
    As time went on and as he grew older I wanted him to be challenged even more so we sold our city home and moved to the country and have began to live a simpler life “that does not mean easier though” that we could incorporate our entire family in.
    We have begun by building our own log home from scratch that my son and I did with no building experience at all. We just moved in before Christmas 2013. Took us 4 years and we still are not done so out project continues.
    You can see the project on our blog blanefowlerfamily.blogspot.com

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