Taste of Summer Muffins

I  know I’m back, per se, from my new baby honeymoon, when I’m ready to start tinkering in the kitchen again. This recipe was the result of one of then -five month-old Simon’s rare naps, a sunny afternoon of outdoor play for everyone aged 2 and up, and the very last jar of the previous summer’s home-canned peaches smiling at me from the pantry shelf. They combine some of my favorite summer flavors in one not-too-heavy-but-still-moist-and-yummy muffin. I’m know I’m jumping the gun by making them in spring time, but this year, I couldn’t resist!

Sick Days

Oh, the lot of the homeschooled child.

Forever doomed to be the object of jokes, eating dinner every night with the principal, never able to get any space between himself and the teacher who doesn’t tolerate the abuse of “their” and its cousins, “there” and “they’re.”

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{Work in Progress Wednesdays}

“How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?”
–Dr. Seuss

(Work in progress: finally adding those hard-earned patches to two little Cubbie’s vests in advance of tonight’s awards ceremony. Yes, I am now that mom.)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple, full, or creative. Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!

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The beginning of goodbye

The hardest part of stepping out in faith to move our family to Nepal isn’t the unknown, or the logistics, or the fear of the what ifs. The hardest part, for us, are the goodbyes.

We have a home here. Roots. Early in our married life, when Christopher was climbing the newspaper food chain one story at a time, we moved. We moved a lot. My Mamaw joked that our phone number was always written in pencil in her book. That was a wise choice; we didn’t stay anywhere too long. Life was always an adventure of finding new parks for the kids, meeting new friends, discovering new bagel shops.

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Feeding the People {a large family’s 2-week menu with recipe links}

We’re gearing up for an exciting couple of weeks around here … and the menu reflects our plans! Christopher’s parents arrive from the east coast on Wednesday, which also happens to be the end of year Awards Night at our AWANA program. Mamaw and Papaw (as they are called) have never been able to be a part of those little ceremonies and milestones of life thanks to a couple of thousand miles sitting between us, so this promises to be a special treat for all of us. Add to that the normal level of thrill involved in a visit from beloved family members, and you’re looking at a pretty special season. We also have several hospitality dinners and desserts planned, and Christopher is preaching at a wonderful church we have a long history with. Did I mention that Christopher surprised the older kids and I with tickets to see Tim Hawkins, too? Phew! Buckle in, kids!

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One day you’re agonizing over phonics programs and wondering if a half hour spent watching the the tadpoles in the storm water retention pond counts as science. The next, the mail comes and with it, your daughter’s high school graduation announcements.

Graduation, people. As in, “I’m not a high schooler anymore.”

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In the middle

You remember middle school.

We all remember middle school. Let’s face it– there’s a reason why it’s used as an analogy for all the horrible, uncomfortable things in life. Right up there with root canals, middle school is one of those universal ughs that can immediately transport us back to being 13, pimply, and positive that everyone else can see right through our “I’ve got it all together” facade. I still have dreams about middle school that involve an incident in shop class that ended with the teacher telling me– in front of the whole class– that I was hopeless with a band saw. Now, I have no idea why that was so mortifying (especially since it’s proven to be true), or why it still pops up in my nocturnal wanderings. My only excuse is it was middle school. It was scarring. Enough said.

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{Work in Progress Wednesdays}

“The joy of life is made up of obscure and seemingly mundane victories that gives us our own small satisfactions.” –Billy Joel

(Work in progress: folding diapers. An every day satisfaction.)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple, full,  or creative. Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!

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On the worst days

Dear Fellow Mom,

You’re trying. I know you’re trying. But no matter what you do, you can’t do it all. Boy, have I been there. That moment when everyone.needs.you.at.once. That moment when the baby’s face is red from screaming and you can’t remember the last time you made it through the dinner hour without playing baby roulette and passing her from person to person in an attempt to stave off permanent indigestion. That moment when the toddler chooses to make a big deal out of what color sippy cup his milk is in– and all the others are dirty. That moment when your hormonal teenager brushes past you, clearly fighting back tears, and you hear your 6th grader slam a door down the hall, and you realize you forgot to turn the crockpot on, and it’s an AWANA night, and the kindergartener wants to know if it’s o.k. that the toilet water is running out onto the floor every time he flushes.

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