He is able

Truth? I am a ball of anxiety wrapped in a generous layer of “Lord, why?”

This was supposed to be the week where I drank in every last bit of the happy, sweet goodness that is my family at this moment. Yes, it would be tempered by the constant awareness of those people who ought to be here, but aren’t: Babita, my Mamaw (oh, I need her right now), the friends who ought to be down the road but instead are a continent away. That ache would be present, but it would be a distant thing. Because in a few days, God willing, I will have a new baby in my arms. And all of this good will explode into a somehow even better. This was the week to see, to feel, to know all of that truth.

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Reality schooling {Sonlight Blog Party}

This is the fourth installment in a year-long blog party designed to help Sonlight celebrate 25 years of serving homeschoolers. In January, I introduced our family. February’s post was all about how we first started on our journey as a home educating family. Last month, I shared some words of wisdom garnered from our years of homeschooling. This month, we’re getting real and sharing a day in the life of our homeschool.

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The last days

I have looked at each of my last four babies with the assumption that they would be the last. Call it the gift of so much loss and ache; when you have found peace with accepting that your hopes and dreams and desires fall second to the plans of God, each and every chance to call another child your own is nothing short of a precious bit of extra ladled into your heart.

Simon was no different.

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Once upon a time, my favorite breakfast in the world was a can of warm Coke and a chilled Snickers bar. No, I’m not joking. For years (years) this was my go-to. From high school, all through college, and even into the first few months of my marriage, I broke my fast each day with what I rationalized was not much different than a cup of coffee and a danish … just different.

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To read

Five times now, I have held a child on my lap as his or her tongue wrapped itself around the letters their brain was processing into words. Five times now, I have been humbled to experience the absolute stunning transformation that brings my little ones from well, little, to getting big.

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