A different birthday {10 years of missions}

It’s been 10 years since we went all in. A whole decade since we made tangible our family’s mission statement to follow God, not man.

Some days, I can’t remember life before I began sifting it through the lens of sharing the Gospel around the globe. Some days I am caught off guard that not everyone understands the nuances of financing projects cross-culturally or can see the difference between man’s business and God’s Kingdom. Some days I am shocked at how little value my fellow Christ followers seem to place on the message that set them free.

Ten years of missions! | To Sow a Seed

Other days I am sure I am new to this whole game. Some days I am asked why we don’t dig wells or build schools, and struggle to put into words our deep conviction that yes, the needs of the body are real and pressing, but if you don’t share Jesus, that person whose belly you just filled will still be bound for hell. Some days I can’t wrap my head around 500 Christians in need here, 300 who have not heard of Christ there, a pastor in need of training hiking two days to be encouraged.

We founded The Global Missionary because you cannot unsee. The power of the Gospel has literally lifted individuals, families, and communities from bondage before our eyes. In 10 years, we have witnessed the hunger of the unsaved for the Word of God, the beauty of a seed of faith growing in previously unreached land, and the life-giving trust of persecuted followers. We have been blessed — so blessed! — to be a small part of God’s unveiling of His story in nations around the globe.

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