A moment

“Was I as cute as Jude when you got me?”

“Oh, yes. A hundred times yes.”

“Was I this old?”

“You were five months. So… a touch older.”

A moment | To Sow a Seed

“Was I this big?”

“No, you were smaller. You fit perfectly in my arms.”

“Did I like baths?”

“You loved them.”

“And food?”

“You loved food! I remember feeding you avocado for the first time. You laughed and tried to grab the spoon.”

“I was your first brown-eyed baby, wasn’t I?”

“Silly boy. You are my only brown-eyed baby! You know that.”

“But you always wanted one. So God sent me.”

“He did.”

“But I had to come out of someone else’s belly, because God wanted me to be Latino.”

“That’s right.”

“Some day, Jude will be as big as me.”


“But I will always be his big brother.”



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