Even surgery can’t stop God’s work in Nepal

There are a lot of things that have stood in the way of our work in Nepal. Now we can add emergency surgery.
Already out of town and hours away from flying to Nepal, suddenly I found myself postponing flights and booking return passage home as my beautiful wife alerted me to the fact that not only was she at the hospital but preparing for emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder.
Just the day before, I had been having a wonderful visit with our daughter, Mary Hannah, in Boise, ID, celebrating her 18th birthday. Not long after, instead of boarding planes to Vancouver to begin my flights to Nepal, I was heading to Denver, praying that my wife’s surgery would be a success and that news of that success would be awaiting me when I landed.

 Even surgery can't stop God's work in Nepal
This was to be my first trip back to Nepal since we were forced to leave last year. There is much to be done, including the rebuilding of homes for Nepali Christians in need.
But in our family, the hierarchy is very clear: God first, family second, ministry third. While a disappointment to some degree (not traveling to Nepal also means not seeing our daughter, Babita), we trust God’s sovereignty and timing. Nepal can and will be rescheduled.
The good news is that what at first looked like a troubling surgery for Heather has gone immaculately well. And so far, recovery has been smooth.
There’s lots to be thankful for: safe surgery, friends and family stepping in to bless us in a time of need, the fact that I was still in the United States and could make a quick return home with little problem.
There’s also much to be prayerful for as we consider when to try again. The passage of Nepal’s new constitution has caused unrest in parts of the country, including along the Indian border, from where much of the country’s food and fuel originate.
Blockades and pointing fingers have left Nepalis rationing resources, and announcements this week suggest no fuel is available for refueling planes at the Kathmandu airport. With long Hindu holidays in October, travel in country can be extremely difficult, meaning waiting until November is most likely.
The immediate goal is still the same: build homes for Christ followers in need.
We continue to raise funds because every new dollar means getting one more Christian family into a new home, and this can’t be solved with one trip. Many of you have already supported this work and for that we are grateful.