Raising our Daughters

One thing we have a lot of here is boys.

Teenage boys who stay up late to debate the tenets of our electoral system. Middle boys who think not in words or images, but Legos. Preschool boys who are pretty sure that their Daddy should wear a cape at all times, he’s that cool. And baby boys, who just want to sit in their Momma’s arms and watch the world go by.

Which is, of course, why Christopher’s most recent book is about raising girls.

In the beginning, we were both pretty sure that we were meant for raising sons. Color us shocked when the little baby Lucas we expected to be delivering turned out to be every inch a Mary Hannah. Without a compass guiding our parenting, we spent the next couple of years swimming in a sea of, “Well, everyone says …” and making it up as we went along.

Somewhere along the line, we came to the realization that God might just have something to say about how we raised our children, and we looked to Scripture to uncover what design he might have hidden in plain sight. Color us shocked again to find that nothing was hidden— we only had to open the pages and ask the Holy Spirit to guide our way via discernment and conviction.

Christopher has meticulously catalogued references to women and daughters in the Scriptures, and, using stories and examples from both our own lives and God’s Word, written a meaty work that is part Bible study, part heart check, and part encouragement for fathers in particular, but mothers as well. Illuminating God’s heart for relationship above rules, Raising our Daughters invites you to reflect on the unique design and special purpose to which each child in your home is called.

Raising Our Daughters is available on Amazon for $7.99.

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