The talk

I have dreaded the conversation for years. Since the moment I first knew, I have felt ill just considering it. And yet there was never any choice but to say it out loud. Not just once, but over and over, until every younger sibling understands.

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Someone, in the midst of attacking our choice to homeschool our children, once threw out an accusation that has stuck with me all these years: you’re selfish.

As in, “Your choice to homeschool your children is purely selfish.”

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Jude skipped easily over the first birthday milestone yesterday, somewhat enjoying his cake, but very much enjoying his balloon and happy birthday dance. There were no presents (from the immediate family– Mamaw and Papaw brought one by, though!), we didn’t even get to go to church (making sure we’re 100% clear of a nasty strep infection that hit 8 of us this week), and it stormed for the better part of the morning.

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