A child was here

These things we mothers do, quickly, without thinking. Walking down the stairs? Might as well grab a cloth and wipe fingerprints off the banister as I go. Quick stop in the restroom? Give me a second to clean the toothpaste out of the sink as I wash my hands.

We go through our days getting things done, being efficient, keeping the ship tight. And then, in one moment, we are brought back to just how blessed those untidy little days we occupy truly are.

A child was here

This mess? A not-quite 2 year-old was here. The book basket caught his eye, and he decided to stop and spend a moment with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Good Night, Moon. While he was drinking it in, that bothersome sock just had to come off. So he left it there, by the books, when something else caught his eye and he moved on.

The fingerprints on the bannister? An 8 year-old was here, smudging his way up and down the stairs to show Daddy his newly-mastered cursive signature.

The toothpaste remnants? A distracted 14 year-old was here, too busy thinking about tonight’s drill test at CAP and whether or not he’ll make his next rank.

Evidence, all of it, that my manger is full and lively and in no danger of being quiet for many, many years. I’ll take the blessed little messes over the clean and the quiet. After all, a child was here.