This is what a real husband looks like

This is what a real husband looks like.

He doesn’t have a wardrobe of the latest in men’s fashion. His kids needed new winter boots, so in his mind, it was never a question of whether or not he needed that new shirt.

He doesn’t have a phone perpetually in front of his face. He needs his hands–and eyes– free to witness and be an active part in every moment in the lives of his family.

He doesn’t stop for drinks with the guys after work every day. Sure, some one-on-one with other men is fun now and then, but more often than not, the kind of “unwinding” he’s looking for happens at home, around his own dinner table.

This is what a real husband looks like

He doesn’t drive a new car for the sake of driving a new car. A vehicle purchase isn’t about “upgrading” or speed or looking cool. It usually means the old car finally gave out, or the gas mileage was so bad at this point it was time to reassess, or the budget was such that this purchase was comfortably within reach.

He wife is not a “football widow,” or think that she ranks somewhere between favorite team and his golf clubs. Chances are, if there’s a passion for a sport, it’s a mutual one, or one she encourages him to indulge because this is a man who has his priorities in place.

He doesn’t have spending habits that leave his family fearful for their financial survival. Money may be tight, but it’s not because he needed to upgrade his gaming system or fritter away the grocery money on a new toy for his hobby.

This is what a real husband looks like. He is not perfect; he’ll be the first to tell you that. He reminds himself, daily, that Christ’s call is that he should lead as a servant. And he does his best to embody that, and when he falls short, to do better.

This is what a real husband looks like. It’s no small order. It’s uncool. It has very few earthly rewards.And it’s not always comfortable. But to every man who strives to fill the role… thank you.

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  1. Beautiful tribute to your husband and to many husbands, mine included. I am so incredibly blessed with a man who loves me through it all, proving it lately with me being off my feet for nearly 8 weeks and he maintained the housework along with working full time, sometimes 12-15 hour days. My man is a wonderful example to our boys on how to treat a woman and be a caring, fun dad. Thanks for ringing the bell for all the God-loving, God-fearing husbands out there!

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