On mission

I know this routine well. Wake up in the dark. Pull on some clothes. Whisper to a teenager that I’m leaving. Lock the door behind me. Drive on empty roads. Pull up to the curb. Open the door. Say goodbye.

On missions

Today, my husband is off to Cambodia. He’s traveling with an American team instead of nationals this time, a small fact that might seem to the uninitiated to be some guarantee of safety but is, to those of us who know how in-country travel works in hostile areas, a red flag in the face of those who stand in opposition of the Gospel. Cambodia is a much more welcoming country, and that settles my heart just a bit. But my biggest relief comes from knowing that no matter where he goes, and no matter the nationalities of his companions, my husband goes with God. That’s the kind of travel insurance money can’t buy.

We’ll see him in three weeks, when we work the same routine in reverse. Right now, we’d appreciate your prayers for all the moments in between, on both sides of the globe. Our family is honored to serve the Kingdom. We’re also honored to be the recipients of so much love, support, and prayer as we endeavor to do so!

2 thoughts on “On mission

  1. Heather – know that all of us at CBB+, most definitely our family and his students, pray for Christopher every time he leaves home to minister in other lands. We’re so grateful to him and to your family for allowing us to benefit from his gifts for our homeschool students. Love and prayers pouring out until he returns home.

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