Turning the conversation back to God

I was sitting at the table this morning when my wife began recapping a story she’s been reading to our little ones.

It’s the story of a boy and his sheep (Mountain Born), but in this scene, the boy’s mentor is using another lamb to draw in wolves that have been decimating the larger flock.

He’s hoping to catch the wolves, but it could be at the lamb’s expense. The boy, and my children, aren’t too sure this is a good idea.

But it reminded me of Christ’s sacrificial death for us, the lamb led to slaughter to, once and for all, defeat the wolves that lead us, the sheep, to sin and ultimately death. Not wanting to let the chance go, I shared this aspect with the children, knowing that as a father, it’s my duty to turn all conversations back to God.

Because as a dad, if I’m not redirecting all conversations back to how important Christ is in our lives, then I’m doing my children a major disservice.

Turning the conversation back to God

This can seem difficult. Certain conversations just don’t seem to lend themselves in this direction, but God willing, if we’re asking how we can make the talk about Him, He’s going to show us. It’s too easy to miss opportunities, and who knows? Maybe the one time I don’t think it’s worthwhile, this would have been the occasion that one of my children would have remembered later in life, perhaps on the precipice of choosing Christ over sin.

As a dad, I know that my role as a head of household carries with it a lot of weight. My responsibilities to love and care for my wife as well as to raise up my children in the Lord can seem like a lot some days. But we must make the effort, regardless of how inadequate we might feel for the task at hand.

In the end, God isn’t going to ask you how many pitches you threw so that your son or daughter hit that home run (not that this is a bad way to spend time with your children!). But He is going to point out the times you took the opportunity to lead your family to Him.