Remember your why

Yesterday, I got to be part of a beautiful conversation with some passionate homeschool Mommas whose first short years in the trenches have already taught them that the world of curriculum and academia is a perilous place for the sincere Christian. It sounds overly dramatic, but I promise you, it’s true. The family whose top priority is to raise children steeped in the Word of God and submitted to the sovereignty of Christ will quickly realize that holding fast to that commitment is no simple thing.

Homeschooling has grown. Exploded. You can’t run to the Walmart in the middle of the morning in just about any community without bumping into a couple of other mothers taking advantage of the fact that the brick and mortar schools in town are in session. It’s a very nice thing, to be part of an acknowledged, accepted subset of society. It’s comfortable. It’s on the radar.  And it means that you can point out to your great-Aunt Judy that her socialization question is so 1999. Bonus!

But with that explosion came a huge influx of tools and books and conferences and gadgets that draw the eye… and, if we’re not careful, the heart.

Suddenly, we are foggy on the fact that math is not the point, Jesus is.
We lose sight of the truth that knowing God is more important than knowing the verb in a sentence.
We put our faith in the promised results of a curriculum instead of Christ.

Remember your why

We forget our why.

One of the mothers I was with said that “remember your why,” was a powerful, oft-repeated phrase in her company. It means keeping your starting goal in view, and not being swayed by the distractions, defeats, and dazzling temptations that try to claw their way into your line of vision and claim your attention. I listened to her share, and I realized that there’s no more powerful thing to say to a homeschooler— new or old.

Remember your why.

Remember what was spoken to your heart about leading your children to the Lord.
Remember the commitment you made to train your children not just in science and literacy, but in righteousness.
Remember the calling that you felt.
Remember the hunger for the Truth that led you to count the cost and choose the path.

If you do this, you will persevere. You will be on the right track, even if it takes dips and twists and turns that you never saw coming. It will lead you to all the right yeses and all the right noes and shine a bright light on the murky places where you want one thing and God wants another. It will bring you comfort on the hard days, and joy on the easy ones. It will hold your head high when people are sure you’re doing it all wrong, and hold your hand when you’re sure they’re right.

Remember your why. Don’t lose it. Don’t sacrifice it. Don’t give it away. Hold tightly, and don’t let go. The why is the lifeblood of this journey, and it will carry us through.

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  1. Remembering the “why” is so important. Thanks for reminding us all of that!

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