Roller coaster day

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One of my favorite all-time movies is Parenthood, the old Steve Martin flick. I enjoyed it as a teen, and as a parent, I have new appreciation for the twists and turns of family life. I especially understand the Grandma’s roller coaster analogy now that I have a few more miles on my tires; life really is up and down and up and down.

Take yesterday, for instance.

Before I finished my first cup of coffee, I was en route to the ER. Simon had practiced his hopping skills a bit too close to the coffee table… and ended up missing a chunk of his ear.

Roller coaster day

Thankfully, it was nothing a little stitching couldn’t quickly fix up. Simon took it like a pro.

Roller coaster day

But still— not the way you want to start the morning. Not by a long shot.

Later that afternoon, however, we received news that Mathaus’ ACT had come in and was excellent. Not just really good, full-on excellent. No pictures of that because, well, it’s Mathaus. But still, the day felt pretty well redeemed, even if it did have a heavy whiplash element to it.

And then, this:

Roller coaster day

A phone call at 7:30 p.m. An unusual event in these here parts.

Roller coaster day

A girl pacing and smiling…

Roller coaster day

…and exploding into the biggest grin ever.

Turns out this roller coaster of a day found its way to the end of the track with exceptionally good news. Mary Hannah was accepted into the Elementary Education program at a local Christian college. She’ll be sharing more about her journey in the upcoming weeks, but for now, know this: even days that start off with you holding a bloody, wadded t-shirt to a kids’ ear in a crowded hospital waiting room can end with celebration.

One thought on “Roller coaster day

  1. Yep! So very true! Some days you really gotta get creative to find the beauty and the joy — but it is there! This has never been more true for me as we begin our third week with our oldest son in the hospital. But quick trips home to love on the other kids and Starbucks cards and meals from friends sure do help to remind me that there is still so, so much worth celebrating!

    And poor Simon — I have a Simon too so your little guy has a special place in my heart. And congrats to your big kids!! So very awesome!

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