Sleeping arrangements were… creative while our guests were here. Thirteen people in a three bedroom house? Yeah, there was some ingenious rearrangement taking place.

One of those manipulations involved moving Simon (4) into the "big and middle boy room" downstairs. Since it wasn't too horrible of a thing for five-and-a-half weeks, we decided to leave him there when we transitioned back to business as usual. This opened up a spot in the "girls and little boy room" upstairs. Being crazy optimistic, it seemed like a door was opening to move Jude out of our room, where he's been since he was born.

Yeah, that didn't exactly work.

I mean, it might have worked. Long-term, had we been hardcore committed. But three nights of no sleep left me in a zombie-like state, literally too dizzy to function for a large part of Tuesday. The next two nights went about the same way, with the marked difference of me being so exhausted that I slept through the majority of the wake-up calls.

So…we quit.


Yesterday afternoon, Christopher lugged the IKEA crib-sans side that has been sidecarred to our bed for the past 27 months, and slid it right back into place. No, I would never have done this with my first child. Or my fourth. Or probably my seventh.

But, armed with the knowledge that I'm probably holding my last? Well… let's just say both my husband and I are less likely to draw quite so firm a line. The boy will sleep in another room soon enough. Before we know it, years will have passed since he last worked his way up onto my chest as he slowly awoke.

So yes, the room change-over was a flop. But not really. We'll try again in a few months. Until then, we'll just keep hearing little boy sighs as we fall asleep, and no, that's not a bad thing at all.