Plan B

This morning, Mary Hannah will walk into a classroom and assume her place as an elementary education major.

It’s not what she dreamed she’d be doing. By her reckoning, she should be sitting for her board exams next spring, proving her competency in catching babies, not slogging through pre-requisites in the quest for a teaching certificate.

But here she is, firmly on the path to her Plan B.

Plan B

She misses attending births. How could she not? From the time she was 13 she dreamed of being a midwife. She has watched many babies take their first breaths, and stood in awe of the entire process, and her gift at being able to play a small part in it. She immersed herself in anatomy, medical jargon, pharmacology, alll the stuff of midwifery. She lived and breathed birth.

She still loves it, still feels an ache for it in her bones.

And yet, for many reasons, she is here. The biggest? The most compelling?

“I know this is what God wants me to do.”

So Plan B. Teaching. Picking up the thread of another passion and running with it, finding the ways it can make your soul sing, and your heart almost burst… and glorify God.

She’s already an amazing teacher. I’ve leaned around the corner often, listening to her laughing with her online students, urging them on as they conjugate verbs. I’ve watched her patiently lead her 4 year-old brother through preschool exercises. I’ve seen the spark in her eyes when she’s tutoring one of her teenage brothers through French pronunciation.

So I’m only slightly sad for her as she walks away (For now? For always?) from Plan A and boldly takes on Plan B. I’m in awe of her bravery, her ability to change focus at God’s call. I’m encouraged to remember that God has a bigger story, and what looks like Plan B to us fits perfectly into His Plan A, if we’re listening to His voice.