Almost Gold

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Birdie turned seven Monday. Our seventh child, with the middle name Seven, celebrated her seventh birthday. I know I sound completely cliché, but I don’t know where the time has gone. She should still be a preschooler. And yet, she’s not.

Almost Gold

She’s a girl. A big girl, as we say in our house. Not the kind of girl who whines when she doesn’t get her way, or can’t quite manage putting her own dishes in the dishwasher. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t need supervision to check the coop for eggs, and who can be called on to cheerfully cut up the toddler’s meat when Momma and Daddy are indisposed.

A big girl. Oh, my heart.

Six was a big year for Birdie. It always is, isn’t it? She learned so much, in the academic sense. She went from simple adding and subtracting on her fingers to multiplying single digits in her head, and from reading from primers to tackling stories with real flesh on them. That precious window flew wide open this year, and I admit I treasured every single moment of it.

She learned life lessons, too. Birdie had her first experience with a child who mishandled her friendship and innocent heart, something that brought me to tears nearly as often as it did her. But she also learned that all people are fallen, and how to pray for those who hurt us. These are the hard parts of growing up, and no matter how many times I walk through them with my own children, I am forever amazed at their strength, their faith, and their desire to see God work in their own hearts even as He intervenes with those who have wronged them.

Almost Gold

Six was beautiful. And seven? It promises to be so much more.

Birdie—as big a bibliophile as the rest of us— is thrilled to be meeting Pooh and Peter, and continuing her adventures with Thornton W. Burgess. She’s spreading her wings in the local Youth Symphony. She is looking forward to collecting and cataloging leaves, and thinks that maybe, just maybe, it will snow this winter.

Seven wasn’t Birdie’s Golden Birthday— that will be eleven. But still, it seems pretty incredible to her. And to me, as her mother, well… every day with her is golden.