Nooks and Crannies

Sometimes we have to stay focused. Sometimes we need to think bigger, and to forget the small things for a season.

But that’s not meant to be our every day state, in my opinion. Life, I think, happens in the nooks and crannies.

Nooks and Crannies

My house, for example, is a grand thing. No, not necessarily in size. But for us, it is perfect. When I think of my home after fourteen months at this address, I think of the afternoons we have shared with friends and family, the provision offered through our land, the roof that keeps us safe and warm and dry. It is a beautiful, overarching happiness, this place, and I am grateful for it.

But our life here is not the feelings or time.

Our life more often than not happens in the nooks and crannies. Life happens under the pole barn, when we invite the church for a potluck. Life happens in the window seat, when Mary Hannah slips in with a pile of textbooks to study. Life happens under the stairs, when my little ones drape blankets to camp underneath. Life happens in the living room, when we all gather and sing hymns.

Because that’s how life is. It’s this big, enormous thing that we all struggle to get right…and all these small, tiny things that make all the difference. It’s not “our marriage,” it’s “today I’m going to serve someone without an expectation of reward.” It’s not, “high school graduation,” it’s “this is the last time I’m grading your math homework.” It’s not “I want to be a great Christian,” it’s “I am going to see how I can help that young mother who just moved in.”

Nooks and Crannies, all of it. And, if we let it, the Big Picture, too.



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