The Road Not Taken {for homeschooling moms}

(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Two separate paths diverged in life,
And I knew I could only take one
Homeschooling mother and also wife—
A choice not bereft of trial and strife—
Or a career where money was won;

I chose then homeschooling as my way,
Not because it was easy, but right,
I knew my calling was sure that day,
Though so many others shared their say
That this one choice would bring my life blight.

And of course they were right, I have learned
Some days are easier and some hard
Merit badges for patience I’ve earned
But my own expectations have burned.
No one’s revoked my sanity card.

I do not regret my choice that morn
Two options that once lay at my feet
I took the one for which I was born
Mom/teacher hat I have proudly worn
From this chosen path I won’t retreat.


The Road Not Taken {for homeschooling moms}

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