A Use For a Pumpkin Field

Ever had a pumpkin field you’re not sure what to do with?

The season is over. All the pumpkins have been brought in and sold. The brush is slowly moving back into the plot you evicted it from in the spring.

What to do with a pumpkin field? Let it go and wait until next season? We’ve all been in the stage of looking at it contentedly as a success. But Jack… well, Jack had another thing in mind.

Jack said, “Hmm. A field slowly filling with brush that’s dotted in a grid with mounds of dirt. What can I do with that?” Then he saw the mountain bike he inherited from our grandfather.

And it clicked.

20171017_170502_001_01 (1)

That’s the thing about Jack. Jack is a bit like Richard Fosbury. Everyone will do a certain thing a certain way for forever, and then he comes in and says, “why?” And he finds a better, improved way of doing it.

20171017_170401(0) (1)

A new way of doing it. A Jack way.


And no matter how many debates (they’re debates, not arguments, Mom!) I may have with him about the whole “you’re right brain, I’m left brain,” thing, I value the fact that Jack views things differently. I know I can rely on Jack to see things a new way and figure out a fix.

And you know what? That’s a good thing. A brother thing. A Mathaus and Jack thing.