To be a Momma

Birdie: “Momma, have you noticed that Jude doesn’t like me to carry him anymore?”

Me: “Honey, even if he does want you to carry him, he weighs almost as much as you! Don’t do it, o.k.? It’s not safe for either of you.”

Birdie: “But I like to carry him. He’s my baby brother.”

Me: “I know you like to carry him, honey. But he’s just too big now. He can sit on your lap. But no more carrying.”

Long pause.

To Be a Momma

Birdie: “Is this how it feels to be a Momma? Because Jude growing up is making me very sad today.”

Yes, baby girl. This is how it feels to be a Momma. But there are good parts— beautiful parts— that balance out the pangs, I promise.