Back At It

After a fabulous break, we are back at most of the normal things that frame our days— namely, homeschooling for six of the kids and me, teaching for Christopher and Mary Hannah, a Dual Enrollment class for Mathaus, and the various and sundry other outside activities that have found their way onto our calendar, from speech therapy to youth orchestra, by way of Civil Air Patrol and other stops along the way. Mary Hannah’s classes haven’t yet resumed, but otherwise, it’s full steam ahead here. It’s only been a handful of days since our rhythm has returned, but I’ve been surprised at how good it has felt. The truth is, I enjoy the hours spent showing my children how to use a grid to be sure your ones stay above your ones and your tens stay above your tens when you’re adding them up, and I find a sense of joy and purpose in running a cup of tea to my husband while he’s explaining Charles Dickens to high schoolers online.

December was a lovely respite. Though it’s not our normal rotation off, having our month-long break fall there was perfect this year. We found ourselves busy with the distraction of home maintenance issues, yes. But we also drank in an Advent season with sweet, celebratory moments, free community activities, and a sense of togetherness I already know I will treasure long after these birds have flown from my nest.

And yet, there was the familiar satisfaction of “de-Christmasing” that I always feel as I slipped the stockings from their hooks and carefully boxed up the Nativity sets. Things will be back to normal soon, I sighed happily. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this?

Whether I am or not, Monday morning found me ready to go. I had prepped during a quiet stretch Saturday and was eager to hit the ground running. It was a smooth day, despite the promise of an ice storm that never materialized. Because we’ve taken a financial wallop with the furnace and septic issues, I decided to “eat the storehouses” this week, so we were teased all day by the aroma of a 21 pound turkey in the roaster oven. There were books read, songs sung, new material covered, old material reviewed.

Back At It

It felt good.

Not every break comes to a happy close. Some are too short and leave you aching for more. Others are too long, and find you at your wit’s end with the needing to just do something. But this one felt just right. It came just as we needed it most, lasted long enough to be restful, and ended before anyone went stir crazy.

And now we’re back doing the things we do. Back reading, writing, researching, defining, growing. Three months of possibilities stretch before us!

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