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Babita is our strong, serious, Nepali daughter of the heart. She’s a Bible college student in Nepal, a wicked hand at UNO, and a talented artist. She loves working with young children, and plans to pursue a degree in early childhood education. Babita’s dream is to open a children’s home in Nepal. She’s 20.


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Nineteen year-old Mary Hannah‘s passions are guitar, French, and all things birth. She graduated from our homeschool (Valedictorian!) in 2014 and is currently a student midwife who teaches online French classes, tutors through our local CC community, and runs our nonprofit’s ministry to equip midwives in the Nepali countryside.



Mathaus is our resident filmmaker, dj, and Tolkien fanatic. When he’s not writing one of his epic sci-fi novels, you can find him reading on the couch, writing code, or capturing daily life in our house with a camera. Mathaus is 16 and will graduate from our homeschool in May of 2018.


Jack is 14, a deep thinker, and an even deeper researcher. Known for the boundless compassion he shows for his younger siblings, Jack’s main goals in life is to fly a deHavilland Beaver for MAF. He is a CAP cadet, and also enjoys frisbee. He spends most of his free time researching various history and science topics, drawing, and being the Pied Piper for his youngest two brothers.


Nine year-old Phineas joined our family at 14 months of age. Numerous special challenges make each victory especially sweet with this precious boy. Phineas loves to color, play with stickers, and spot Christmas lights. He’s a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear and thinks that playing checkers is really, really cool. His big blue eyes light up every room he enters.



John Mark is our active, curious 8 year-old. Always up for an adventure, John Mark loves being a helper and having a job. He’s Jack’s shadow, and is apprenticing as a Lego master when he’s not busy finding colorful moths or amazing rocks. John Mark joined our family at 4 months old, and is proud of his Latino heritage and big brown eyes.


Everyone should have a fun, spunky 6 year-old daughter like our Birdie. Passionate, headstrong, and hilarious, Birdie loves her daddy fiercely, can’t stand bread, and hasn’t been seen in anything but a skirt or dress since she was old enough to tell us that she doesn’t think pants are “lovely.” A good day for Birdie involves playing her violin and catching grasshoppers to feed the chickens.


Simon is our resident 4 year-old. He is known for his passions; be they loves or aversions, Simon is all in, all the time. He loves working alongside his Daddy, cuddles on the couch, pretending to be a fireman, and following Mary Hannah. Simon is a master train track builder and is usually found in some version of dress-up, fully in character, and looking for a sidekick.

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We could have named this little one “unexpected blessing,” but in the end, we went with Jude. Born in May of 2015, this sweet little man doesn’t lack for arms to hold him or voices to tell him how much he is loved. Jude loves chasing chickens, drinking kefir, and keeping up with the big kids.

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