Closing the door

Remiel is the traditional name for one of the angels. And for our family, that’s exactly what she was.

Remiel was given from God to our family, and entered our lives just as our dear sweet German Shepherd, Gabriel, was about to leave. After his passing, she became the beloved pup as her sweet personality helped alleviate our grieving. She played with the little ones, cuddled at a whim, would adore anyone who fed her for life.

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Perfectly imperfect

Dear lady standing next to me at the public bathroom sink,

Yes, I have an issue, and it’s called OCD. The chemical misfires in my brain tell me that if I don’t wash my hands exactly as prescribed by professionals, my hands will be contaminated with all sorts of nastiness from touching the stall room doors– to the detriment and deterioration of my personal health.

Of course, you realize this too, that’s why you’re washing your hands. But you don’t do it with the same urgency, the same conviction, the same desperate scrubbing motions and the “Oh man, I lost count there, am I at two minutes or only one and half?”

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Good Reads for Crazy Teens

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It’s hard to find good literature these days. The shelves of our libraries seem to be stocked with the same ten plots, retold by fifty different authors. The same characters run through our minds and we yearn for something new, something outside the norm. For those of us teens crazy enough to be careful about our choices, it’s even more difficult.

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Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I think you are amazing. There are no doubts in my mind that you are the best dad I could ever DREAM of having. Ever since I was too little to really understand much, I have loved you and looked up to you. Some of my fondest memories of being little are of you driving me to preschool and belting out “Jet” at the top of my lungs, or heading to Lowe’s while “Tupelo” played in the background. And as I have grown, I can only love you more.  You have been so much to me, from spiritual leader, counselor, father, adviser, and on and on. You have filled all these roles and more.

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by Mary Hannah

Not too long ago, a friend posted a selfie of herself, glasses free. For her, this was a selfie she never dreamed she’d take. Her post ran along the lines of, “The picture I never thought I could snap. For a long time I thought I could never be beautiful without glasses.”

Huh, I thought. For me it was the exact opposite. 

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