How My Instant Pot Saved Sundays

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Our last church spoiled us. Every single Sunday, right after service, we had a fellowship dinner. We worshipped to the smells wafting from crockpots and covered dishes, then came together as a community over lentil bakes and chilis and barbecue chicken sandwiches.

It was glorious.

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Feeding the People {a large family’s 2 week menu with recipe links)

Seriously, I have been posting a lot about food here lately. What? Is it December or something?

In all honestly, this is my favorite time to cook. Grilling is cool, and lighter, warm-weather foods are all well and good… but give me a big bowl of soup and a hunk of crusty bread any day. I’m just that kind of girl. Which means that this menu right here? Well, it’s pretty much near perfect as far as I’m concerned. Add in Christmas baking, Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Simon’s 4th birthday (eek!) and I am in foodie bliss.

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Feeding the People: InstantPot Recipes my family loves, pt. 2

Now that you know how I came to have an InstantPot (affiliate link) lurking in my kitchen, and you know some of the starter recipes that began my obsession with electric pressure cooking, I’m going to share some of the recipes that I’ve tinkered with now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. One key to remember: I’m horrible about precision in culinary endeavors. I’m the person for whom the note, “to taste,” was written. My printed recipes are, to paraphrase Captain Barbossa, not rules, but more like… guidelines.

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Feeding the People: InstantPot Recipes my family loves, pt. 1

Truth: I am not a kitchen gadget girl.

First of all, I’m far too cheap to actually buy tools for things that I have already figured out a way to do with something else. Case in point: for years and years, I had no rolling pin. I used a drinking glass turned on its side, just like my Mamaw did. Then, my husband bought me a rolling pin. I used it and loved it. It didn’t make the cut to move to Nepal so… I now use a drinking glass again. And I’m fine.

Second, I prefer small kitchen, and small kitchens rarely have the kind of storage space that gadgets demand. Actually, this is one of the things I like about compact cooking spaces: If you don’t use it, you don’t need it isn’t a vague notion. It’s an in-your-face, daily reality that prevents me from acquiring or holding on to extra baggage that will eat up valuable kitchen real estate. If it doesn’t haul its own weight, by golly, it has to go.

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Feeding the People {a large family’s 2-week menu with recipe links}

The weather has finally changed here… maybe even for good! I can’t tell you how excited I am to dive headlong back in to casseroles and soups and other warm and yummy things that make my house smell amazing. Fall is my favorite time to be in the kitchen; pumpkins and apples make me ridiculously happy. And gearing up for our first Thanksgiving in our own little home? Double prizes, as Phin likes to say!

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Feeding the People {Menu + Links}

Although I don’t quite know why, our family’s menu is one of the things I am asked about with fair regularity. For quite some time, I posted them here. They were well-received, and people were always telling me that they had fallen in love with a new recipe (not one of my own, one I had shared!) or that it had helped them with their own brain-drain on the topic of keeping their family fed. Then I just got out of the habit and, well … that was that.

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Before breakfast

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The rhythm of life here is different at Floating Axe Farm—even though the “farm” part of that name consists, for now, solely of 16 hens smack dab in the middle of the very awkward, very ugly pullet phase.

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Once upon a time, my favorite breakfast in the world was a can of warm Coke and a chilled Snickers bar. No, I’m not joking. For years (years) this was my go-to. From high school, all through college, and even into the first few months of my marriage, I broke my fast each day with what I rationalized was not much different than a cup of coffee and a danish … just different.

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