Studying Church History {it’s worth the time!}

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The high school years follow their own space-time continuum. The four years from kindergarten to grade three are achingly slow at points, despite being chock full of hours spent learning to read, to count, to spell, to multiply, to stay on task. But high school… high school flies past you at the speed of sound, broken up only by pesky questions like, “Do you have enough math credits to graduate?” “Are you ready for your driver’s exam?” and “Are you applying to college, trade school, something else altogether?”

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Finish strong

It’s spring.

The sun is out. The weather is finally getting warm. The kids have been antsy since March. O.k., truth— you have been antsy since March. The house that felt so warm and inviting as you settled in to the start of your school year last fall is suddenly claustrophobic. The thrilling books are falling flat, the manipulative-heavy math suddenly seems too involved to even haul off the shelf.

You’re done.

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The last day

Amidst the swirl of a week chock full of end of year events, an almost unnoticed milestone is being celebrated at our house today; Mathaus is wrapping up his junior year of high school.

There won’t be any fanfare. Mathaus isn’t the kid who enjoys celebration, although he has been generous enough to tell me that if I need him to walk across a stage next spring to commemorate the end of the 12 years I’ve spent homeschooling him, he’ll do it. Because he loves me.  (Seriously, this kid is amazing.)

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Remember your why

Yesterday, I got to be part of a beautiful conversation with some passionate homeschool Mommas whose first short years in the trenches have already taught them that the world of curriculum and academia is a perilous place for the sincere Christian. It sounds overly dramatic, but I promise you, it’s true. The family whose top priority is to raise children steeped in the Word of God and submitted to the sovereignty of Christ will quickly realize that holding fast to that commitment is no simple thing.

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You’re already doing it

I was privileged to spend a few hours today with mothers of very young children. Those with four years or less under their belts, still excited and yet exhausted by the day in and day out of caring for little people who can’t meet even the simplest of needs. It was a lovely time; if you ever start to feel jaded by the long haul, sit in the company of women just now discovering the beauty and the burden of being a stay at home mom, of raising her babies, of juggling marriage and faith and stealing a shower in between the newborn’s cat naps…all with a few little people clinging to her skirts.

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Right now, I’m sitting in Bryan College’s still library. It’s Spring Break, so the campus is empty except for a handful of staff members charged with duties that aren’t suspended in the absence of classes. It’s a beautiful, well-lit library on a cozy campus. It’s my first time here and frankly, I can see why, after visiting this past fall, my husband spoke so highly of it. It’s beautiful, yes. But it’s peaceful, too. Everywhere, the motto “Christ Above All” is sprinkled– and feels real.

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