Family Culture {3}: Curating

We’re on day three of a series examining how parents can overcome the pull of society’s default and be intentional in the cultivation of their own Family CulturePsychology Today defines Family Culture as “the unique way that a family forms itself in terms of rules, roles, habits, activities, beliefs, and other areas.” Earlier, we looked at how identifying your family’s core values starts you on the path of reclaiming control of the message you send to your children.
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Family Culture {2}: Values

I think it’s pretty safe to say that my family (ahem) stands out. We have a lot of kids. We homeschool. We don’t watch television. We live in a barn, for Pete’s sake.

On Friday, I shared that, in the beginning, we were on the unexamined, default path of family living. True, anyone who knows my husband and I know that we have never had an issue bucking the status quo. But defining our Family Culture helped us not just lead reactionary “we want to do it differently” lives in regards to what’s perceived as normal, but gave us a framework and some bigger goals to strive towards as we walked through the years.

If you’re dissatisfied with the rhythm of your days, wary as you see the character of your children developing, or just wondering how to fulfill your role in God’s great story, this series is for you.

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Left behind

I recently received word that a friend and supporter of our ministry had died following a brief respite in hospice for brain cancer.

Slightly older than me, he had already lived years longer than the weeks, maybe months, doctors had given him. And while clean brain scans for much of that time gave him an appreciation for life that few of us will ever have, he used that period to tell people about the peace God had given him no matter what the outcome.

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Marriage is work. I knew this going in, but somehow, at 21, the work seemed, I don’t know… easier? Like maybe I’d do it for a few years, then figure it all out and spend the rest of my life sailing in calm waters? I really don’t know what I expected. It wasn’t this.

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Bring Him Home: Faith, love & miracles

Last fall, Mathaus and I had the chance to help out on a film project called “The 5 Day Adoption.”

Mathaus got to help with scene set-up and lights, and me, well, I got to do a little acting! It was a great day, and we both had a lot of fun, even despite the two-hour downpour we drove through to get home really, really late that evening.

The project has been well received, and it’s meant a lot to us because it promotes one of our favorite calls in life — adoption.

Now, the family who produced “The 5 Day Adoption” is working on another film project called “Bring Him Home.”

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