{Work in Progress Wednesday}

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”
―Robert Henri 

(work in progress: still working on the  Very Easy Shawl Knit Sideways in Cascade Sauk, autumn colorway. It’s such an easy pattern, but to be honest, it’s getting dull. Maybe a Very Easy Shawlette?)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple, full,  or creative. Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!

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5 Things Missionaries Want You To Know

Prior to our own call to missions, I remember sitting in the congregation one Sunday morning and hearing the presentation of a couple serving in north Africa. They looked relaxed, at ease with their role as spokesmen for an entire class of Christians I knew little about: full-time field missionaries. The wife seemed to gaze lovingly at her husband as he spoke, smiling now and then and resting her hand on his arm as if they were chatting with friends in their own living room, not on a raised platform in front of a few hundred strangers. The husband spoke eloquently on the topics of evangelism, radical faith, and a total surrender to God. They both glowed with a certain peace and confidence that marked them as the kind of Christian everyone wants to be, even as they described life in a place that few Americans would choose to visit, let alone set up housekeeping in.

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Mind the gap

The first thing new friends notice about our children is the number. The second is the gap.

Things start out as you’d expect for a family of this size– stair steps. I still remember the awe I felt as I hung up small jackets (pink, blue, blue) in only slightly staggered sizes, and the utter cuteness of lining my babies up for the tell-tale graduated height photo. I also remember the exhaustion of giving birth for the third time in just under four years, and the frustration of three little ones unable to buckle their own car seat straps.

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Be brave

I am so excited to introduce you all to my beloved, the very talented, hilarious, kind, honest man who gave me the honor of sharing his name almost 18 years ago. Christopher is passionate about the value of the Gospel, and he is also one of the strongest advocates you’ll ever meet for the kind of manhood that not only sacrifices for family, but delights in the gift of children. I hope that as he shares his heart here, you’ll be inspired to walk a little deeper in faith in the every day moments. I know he has that effect on me! — Heather


I had the chance today to share the Gospel with a co-worker.

This is unique for two reasons: 1. I work in county government so such conversations are usually verboten. 2. When I mentioned I had once been a practicing Buddhist, there was more initial interest in hearing about those days than my life now as a Christian.

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Call the midwife

I was so, so certain she was a he. For nine(ish) months, I had struggled to wrap my mind around the reality of being a mother. In those dreams, those moments when I tried to grasp what it was God was doing in my life … well, in those seconds when I cast my eyes forward, my baby was always a boy.

And then, there she was. Ten pounds, two ounces of “it’s a girl!” pressed into my chest even as I struggled to regain my equilibrium. A baby? A girl? A mother?

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{Work in Progress Wednesday}

“There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.”

–Coco Chanel

(work in progress: Very Easy Shawl Knit Sideways in Cascade Sauk, autumn colorway.)

We’d love to see your works in progress. Something that makes you feel simple or creative.  Something you’re making. Something you’re doing (folding a pile of laundry–again?). Something you’re planning. Share in the comments!

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Family Movies–The feel-good, and the funny

This post may contain affiliate links. Purchases made through these links support our family’s work in sharing the Gospel around the globe. Thank you!

Rounding out our family’s lists of favorites are these offerings that seem to appeal to just about everyone. Some are funny, some are sweet, some are just goofy. All are winners here, and all were library finds–so they might be on-the-cheap options for you, too. Pop a batch of ‘corn, turn down the lights, and have fun!

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Posts to Ponder

A few items for your weekend perusal. Things we found interesting, informative, useful, or thought-provoking.

  • Mumtopia shares her thoughts on creating for your kids.
  • I started to share this post from my friend Jess, then this one, then this one … at which point I decided that I’d just tell you to subscribe to her blog. You will be challenged, you will be encouraged, and you will grow.
  • Kelsi writes about the benefits of sharing her love of yarn with her kids. I’ve been pondering this myself lately, so it was a timely read.
  • Sharla and I have a ton in common– not the least of which is a mental list of all the funny things people have said to us regarding adoption. She took the time to write hers down.
  • I love it when folks share how they’ve gotten creative with the space the Lord has given them and the family He saw fit to grow there. This post made me smile.
  • I have a feeling I’ll be recommending Pam’s post on foster adoption to people for a long time to come.
  • An interesting perspective on ADHD medication; not a condemnation (despite the provocative title), but an informative look at marketing.