Milestones routinely sneak up on me. I’m pretty short-sighted by design; my heart is too easily bogged down by the realization that life is far shorter and far faster than I’d like, so I keep my eyes just a few paces ahead of my feet at any given moment. The down side to this self-imposed near-sightedness is that sometimes I wake up and discover that my baby is turning two.

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And so, we begin

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School is now officially, firmly in session this week. The rhythm is not there yet, but the heart is– and so far, I’d say 2016-17 is promising. The Lord clearly has lessons in mind: lessons in patience, in grace, and being a good student even when you don’t like the skill being taught. And those, by the way, are all for me.

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Jude skipped easily over the first birthday milestone yesterday, somewhat enjoying his cake, but very much enjoying his balloon and happy birthday dance. There were no presents (from the immediate family– Mamaw and Papaw brought one by, though!), we didn’t even get to go to church (making sure we’re 100% clear of a nasty strep infection that hit 8 of us this week), and it stormed for the better part of the morning.

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