Are you ready?

Advent begins Sunday. This Sunday. Which means that the ball is rolling (rapidly) towards Christmas.

Are you ready?

I’m excited to share the journey towards Christmas with you this year. My family will be using our ebook, Experiencing Advent, and reporting our thoughts and happenings here as the season moves on. We’re excited to hear from other families who are using the book, like the W’s in Oregon, who posted a review recently. We’d love to hear from you as you prepare your heart for the birth of Christ — whether you are using the book or not.

But if you are looking for a resource this year …

Experiencing Advent | To Sow a Seed

Experiencing Advent offers:

  • Multi-age, family-based study.
  • Nearly 60 pages.
  • A look at the historical period into which Jesus was born.
  • Scripture memorization for younger and older children.
  • An introduction to the symbols of the season.
  • The history behind some of the season’s most God-honoring caroles.
  • Bible scavenger hunts.
  • Plans for Saturday Advent celebrations.
  • Craft, recipe, and activity options.
  • Four full weeks of lessons planned by day.
  • Open-and-go learning.

We’re offering this study in an ebook format for just $8.99. Start your journey towards a more meaningful season today. Prepare your heart for Jesus, and experience Advent!

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